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To turn on Location History on your iPhone or iPad, give your Google app permission to see your location: Open your device's Settings, then tap Google Location. Choose Always . You can change the Location Reporting setting for each device where you're signed in, and limit which devices provide location data to be included in Location History. How to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or iPad How to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or iPad The iPhone offers a high degree of control over which apps get to see your location. You can even turn off tracking entirely. iPad: New Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air - Best Buy

How to Turn On Location Services on an iPhone or iPad: 11

Note: There is no need to call the DOE, 311, or Apple to check the status of your iPad request. Visit the iPad Distribution page for more information. Internet Ready . Your iPad will come connected to the internet—you will not need a WiFi connection or hotspot device. The internet connection is provided by T-Mobile, at no cost to you. How to share your current location with friends and family Apr 16, 2017

The location data on the Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is can be incorrect at times, forcing the need to change it manually. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the location manually using the device itself. The device uses the Skyhook service to determine your location through your Wi-Fi access point and Bluetooth networks.

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