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Complete Guide on Raspberry Pi Setup XBMC with Windows PC Since the original version of raspberry pi only offers 256MB of RAM, you want to pick a system that yields the most RAM for you to do HD video playback. Last and the lest is the video output support, some distributions will run 720p for XBMC GUI but the actual video in 1080p if …

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How To Setup LIRC GPIO IR Remote Control On OpenELEC XBMC This covers adding an IR remote control to a Raspberry Pi B, B+ and 2 using OpenELEC Kodi/XBMC. Things you'll need: A working, IR remote control. Anything whatsoever, so if you have an old TV that is dead and buried, but still have the remote, this will enable you to pair it all up. OpenELEC. What is the simplest way to setup and run XBMC? Raspbmc is a very simple way to get your Raspberry Pi running XBMC.. The installation process is as simple as inserting an SD card into your computer and running the installation script. Once this is done, you simply insert your SD card into your Raspberry Pi and it sets itself up automagically. I've found the wiki and irc channel (#rasbmc) on Freenode to be excellent sources of information