Feb 18, 2013 · Tech — Review: WD TV Play is a set-top box made for streaming junkies It's especially useful if you have a lot of locally stored content. Florence Ion - Feb 18, 2013 7:15 pm UTC

Mar 07, 2016 · I just bought a WD TV Live HD Media Player and I would like your help with installing IPTV if you will? As I am new, I just look on the web, and I have not managed to find the right firmware and good tutorial to install everything myself, and I'm sorry. A big thank you in advance for your help and advice I've currently got a Roku XS and have decided to either sell it and get a Roku 3 or get a WDTV Live I use a jailbroken AppleTV (2nd generation) about 50% of the time to watch XBMC so I don't really need the snazziest netflix interface and most of the movies available through Amazon on Demand I can rent on iTunes or watch on XBMC Basically what I want to be able to do is play the movies that What I got was a heck of a lot newer than what I bricked, this is a fairly new WD TV instead of a Gen 3 TV Live. Rolled the old Gen 3 box back to 2.01.86 and left the new box with current firmware; since there are only two older versions I figure I'd see how that one worked. So - the Gen3 box now has 2.01.86 and the new box has 1.02.17. Which box to replace WDTV Live Hub? All of the ripped movies/TV are from DVD; I have only perhaps a dozen BD, none of which have been ripped. Also, my Sony 55" TV is 1080p only. Mar 01, 2014 · I recently purchased a WDTV Live to replace a Cyclone 2 and think it's awesome. However one thing I've noticed is it doesn't play any subtitles. My films are on an external drive and are either .avi or .mp4. If your WDTV is bricked, you will most likely need to interface with it through the serial connection on the motherboard. To do this, you will need a 3.3V TTL-Serial cable. I use an adapted Nokia CA-42 USB to TTL-Serial cable , but you can use whatever cable you want/have. Feb 18, 2013 · Tech — Review: WD TV Play is a set-top box made for streaming junkies It's especially useful if you have a lot of locally stored content. Florence Ion - Feb 18, 2013 7:15 pm UTC

Nov 14, 2014 · The Bottom Line While not for everyone, the WD TV's adroit playback of video and music files makes it the perfect living room box for people with large digital media collections. 7.3 Overall Design 5

WD LX TV-Live/Plus is souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WD TV Live and WDTV Live Plus. It is based off of an official firmware, but with many extra features. This is a permanent flash, just like an official upgrade. May 25, 2012 · Western Digital WDTV Live: Performance Video performance is on a par with the best. There’s plenty of detail and definition on offer, and while this box, like others, suffers from a slight instability in slow-panning shots, its picture is easy to watch. Nov 10, 2016 · Download WDTV Live - Remote Controller and More for free. A simple application that send remote command to your WDTV Live box (using WDlxTV firmware by B-rad) using Telnet. Also some plugins using WDTVExt by pibos.

I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. There is a WD My Passport external hard drive attached to it via USB. Until last week, I could connect via my windows 10 network to the my passport and transfer files from my laptop directly to the My Passport that is attached to the WDTV. I have been able to do this for years.

I need to complete my home theater upgrade but I don't have a clue as to which local/streaming set-top box / media player I'll go for to replace my WDTV Live Hub. I love my WDTV Live Hub and it has been my companion for quite a while but alas I think I'm ready to move forward and make good use of my newfound power afforded by my new TV. Nov 09, 2017 · I have had a WD TV Live for many years, and I like it very much. Now, I would like to buy a similar media box to a friend of mine, but nowadays it is very common to find only android boxes. I would like to get something simple, like WDTV, because he may not know how to use something more difficult, with too much options. Out of the box the device was easy to install and worked immediately. I was able to designate my DNLA server and it connected right away. We purchase many movies through VUDU and other services as well as Blue ray and DVD. I store digital copies on my server and the WD TV LIve Media Player shows them flawlessly. Dec 20, 2014 · Same problem here with a WDTV Live box. The Win 10 TP shares can be accessed from my Windows 7 laptop. Windows 8.1 shares are also accessible by the device. The Windows 10 computer will show up as a media server on the WDTV Live. The problem with shares seems to be with authentication.