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Mar 26, 2019 How to Fix the Error: “Could not resolve host … No address Apr 23, 2013 No address associated with hostname when getting form list

#739371 - postfix: warning: hostname localhost does not

12.04 - How to fix "-5 No address associated with hostname I got the "No address associated with hostname" message with Centos 6.5 when I said yes to IPv6 and apparently the ISP DHCP didn't have it. It solved the problem when I commented out the line in /etc/hosts: # ::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 new-hostname. Where., is the IP you want to assign with hostname “new-hostname” [ Note: you can assign any IP as per your requirement in case you are trying to set for remote hostname ] Save, and close the file, and now try to see if its working by using ping with hostname,

Apr 22, 2013 What to do if you have no hostname associated with your If you are reviewing an asset or an event and the asset has no hostname similar to the event below then read on: How sensor gets the hostname To understand why you may not see a Hostname associated with an asset you need to understand how the sensor finds the hostname associated with the asset. 'Something wicked happened resolving *** No address Something wicked happened resolving '***.***.***:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname) Cause Most of us now-a-days depend on a DHCP Server to assign automatic IPs, subnet masks, DNS Server addresses etc to our systems. Almost all the routers come with a built-in DHCP Server which automatically assigns addresses and by default, it Telnet - No address associated with hostname Dec 16, 2017