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How to Change Your Wi-Fi Network’s Name and Password Jul 03, 2017 How do I change my Home WiFi settings, including network If you need to change your network name (SSID), SSID password (Pre-Shared Key) or other WiFi settings, such as encryption parameters or channel and device settings, you can do so via the WiFi-enabled Internet modem web-based interface. Important: Your network name can also be known as a Wireless Network Name or SSID. Finding and Changing Your SSID and Password for AirTies Wi-Fi Video: How to Change the SSID and Password . Step by step: Change Network Name (SSID) and password for AirTies Wi-Fi via web. By using the web interface for one of the AirTies devices to update these settings, they will automatically be copied to the other access points. How to change SSID and WiFi Password on VMG-devices

How to change PLDT Fibr WiFi password and SSID for first time? For new subscribers/first time …

The SSID (Service Set Identification) is the name given to the wireless network of the SBG6900-AC. It is used to uniquely identify the wireless network. When attempting to establish a wireless connection through the wireless settings of a client (e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone), a list will normally appear with the SSIDs of the wireless Router Change – LIFX Help Center

Changing Your SSID (Wi-Fi Name) on a Network Router

Write down the new SSID name somewhere you can find it, maybe at the bottom of the modem. After choosing a new network name, making the change is simple. In the field next to Wireless Network Name (SSID) for a Linksys modem or in a similar field for another manufacturer. The change is not activated until it is saved or confirmed. Changing my Wifi Settings | CenturyLink Customer Service Third, find the Admin Username and Admin Password on the sticker on the bottom of your modem, then enter them when prompted. Fourth, click the “Wireless Setup” icon. Click “2.4 Ghz,” then click “Wireless Security.” Fifth, find the SSID/network name you want to change in the list of available networks. How to Change WiFi Name & Password (SSID) on Home Network